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Our Mission

It's Simple :

We Give Small Business "The Corporate Advantage"

Our Story

After many years of working for small businesses, Antonio L. (CEO), developed a passion for the family atmosphere, entrepreneurial spirit, heart and drive that keeps these businesses afloat. However, he did notice one thing that seemed to be a barrier between small family-owned businesses and large financial success. The lack of technological know-how and financial literacy seemed to be the only things that were preventing these business from taking it to the next level.

After attending college, majoring in Accounting and Business Administration, Antonio realized why small businesses had a hard time competing on a corporate level. It was because anyone that acquires the skills to make businesses excel, most of the time goes to work for corporate. He then vowed that he would create his own way of aiding small businesses and strengthening communities by creating his own company that only helped local small businesses. 

After helping a few startups and small businesses that his friends owned get off the ground, he then created Viable Solutions, a company dedicated to giving small businesses "The Corporate Advantage."

Passion for Community

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